Who are we and why are we bringing this splendid site to you?

Hello there and thank you for entering our website.

To start with, you should understand who we are We are Salendra and Ramon. We are.
an one-of-a-kind couple and among my dreams was to be able to bring Fijian, Indian and
Spanish Food to your house.

So why do we have such a variety of various ethnic foods?

Well, it’s basic. Let me inform you a little about who we are and why we have
brought this site to you.

My name is Salendra and I am a Fiji Indian. I was born in the exotic haven
of Fiji Islands and my moms and dads brought me right here to the states when I was only 3
years of ages. My ancestry is Indian from India. MY fantastic Grandpa was Punjabi
from Punjab India. I bet the next concern you are going to ask is “How the heck
did he get to Fiji?”.

Taste of Paradise

Fiji Islands


The British utilized to control Fiji Islands, which is located in the south pacific next.
to New Zealand and Australia. So, the British required more workers in Fiji and.
they brought my Grandpa when he was just 15 years old and a bunch of others.
from different parts of India to Fiji. He constructed his life there. He got wed to.
a Punjabi woman and they had kids then I happened. I am the 2nd.
generation from my mother’s side born in Fiji Islands. My Grandpa was the first.
one to have a Milk in Fiji. Our dairy products was called Toko Dairy Supply. Toko was.
the name of the town we stayed in. Indian food happened in Fiji due to the.

Indians there.

Well, what we Fiji Indians do is we integrate the Fijian dishes with Indian.
dishes to make our meals really unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s different from Indian.
curries from India. Much like Thai and Chinese cultures have their own curries. I.
hope this assists to understand a bit of food history about Fiji.

Then why are we incorporating Spanish (Spaniard) dishes in the mix. Spain.
does not have anything to do with Fiji.

Well, let me tell you my story. My hubby is from Spain. His mother taught.
me the best ways to make a lot of Spanish dishes that are simple and amazing.

Taste of Paradise


Now I wager you would like to know how a Fijian Lady got with a Spaniard. My Ramon.
and I satisfied at a Business conference here in town. We were buddies for awhile and he.
always loved my cooking. Well, to make a long tale short we fell in love and got.
wed. We took a journey to Spain and I fell for Spanish foods. Everything.
was so fresh and healthy. It felt excellent to consume health foods. That’s why we are.
putting in some Spanish dishes in our site.

It was very important for us to bring both cultures together to create an explosive.
mix. I have actually always loved food preparation all my life and I love making brand-new recipes and.
discovering brand-new dishes, in addition to taking a trip and finding out about various other cultures.

We both love to take a trip and wine and food is exactly what it’s everything about. We will bring.
some special dishes to you as time goes on.

We desired to bring you a site complete of understanding, understanding, beauty, way of life, culture.
and love. Whenever my mother made dishes for me growing up it constantly tasted.

so excellent and her secret component was mommy’s love. I have a passion for food preparation.
and every dish I give you will be filled with my mother’s unique active ingredient.

We hope you learn a lot from this site. If there are any dishes you would like me.
to attempt to produce you, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and I will.
answer as fast as I can.

From our dinner table to yours “Buen Provecho (Bon appetit)”.

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