Travel to Paradise

A Hawaiian gree sea turtle investigates his reflection in my dome port.

Bula! (means hello, welcome, love, happiness, it means life, a blessing of health and wellness and much more)

I had to post this picture of this beautiful sea turtle.  I love sea turtles.  My mom has a bunch of nice stories about her and sea turtles when she was a little girl in Fiji with her dad.  I will share that another day with you.

Now that the weather is warm and it’s time for school vacation.  What better place to take the little ones or just yourself and have a bunch of fun.  Traveling is so easy when you don’t have to lift a finger to make it fun and just enjoy the natural beauties on earth.

Fiji is truly a tropical paradise.  A place that was once not even known to foreigners, has now become one of the worlds most travelled destinations.  Enjoy the sun, beaches, food, clean and fresh air and most of all the friendly natives that will always make you feel welcome.

Yes, Fiji is home to the native Fijians and the Indians as well.  The British brought Indians there from India to help work the sugar cane fields and gold mines.   That’s how Grandpa got there when he was only 15 years old.  He was originally from Punjab, India.   The the British used to rule everything and always taking Indians here and there to help develop countries.   This has now become not only home to the Fijians but also the Indian-Fijians too.  Don’t get me wrong, when the British first brought the Indians over Fijians were not happy and there was fighting just like any other country.  Today, they all live together in peace and harmony and have become one community.   See what your missing here.

Beautiful Fiji


Be greeted with a special welcoming song “Bula Maleya” and enjoy the rich, clean and friendly environment.  For me, I love to travel and I feel Fiji has some of the friendliest and happiest people on earth.  You wouldn’t realize it’s the 21st century when you arrive in some of the villages.  You will see many people still living in grass huts and reading by candle or a campfire light.  In some homes if you have a flush toilet it’s considered fancy.  Haa Haa and your moving up in the world.  Yet, Fijians are happy with the simple things in life and I guess that’s why they are one of the most friendliest people on earth.

I hope you all learned a lot on this post.  It was really fun writing this and teaching you just a little something about an island so far away in the South Pacific.

Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what else you would like to see.  I thank the youtube makers of these 2 videos and thank you for letting me share them on my blog.




Spanish Food Recipes, Indian Food Recipes and Fiji Food Recipes

Today, I am going to talk to you about why Spanish food inspires me.  I love my Mom-in-Law’s Spanish food recipes.

I took a trip to Spain to visit my fiance for the whole month of December.  We enjoyed all the wonderful foods and pastries they had everywhere.  I love the Spaniard culture and the way they love to celebrate life.  My experience with them was all about eating well, drinking vino 2 times a day, and enjoying  a drink called Cidra, which is amazing!  I miss all of Spain.  The culture, food, family and of course the vino.

My Fiance’s family lives by the beach and it’s amazing there.  I didn’t want to leave.

Why Spain? Spanish Food Recipes, Indian Food Recipes and Fiji Food Recipes

So, that’s how I got involved with Spanish foods.  I am from Fiji Islands and I’ve been raised here in the states.  However, you don’t know how much of being around great food and family growing up has influenced my life.  My mom is an amazing woman!  The things she taught me about cooking has stayed with me all my life and all I am doing now as an adult is tweeking it to make it more creative and sharing all that I have learned with the world.

spanish food recipes, indian food recipes, fiji food recipes

Me and My Husband (Ramon) In Madrid

I get bored so easy so I had to learn some Spanish food recipes and I love that I can take my mom’s influence on cooking Indian/Fijian foods and incorporate it in with my Spanish dishes.

Why we created this blog for Spanish Food Recipes, Indian Food Recipes and Fiji Food Recipes

Now, our blog is to help everyone out there learn how to cook.  Especially those people who have never fried an egg.  Lol… I know how you feel.  I have a funny story about how I first boiled an egg and it was ridiculous.  I was 13 years old and my mom was very sick in bed.  I wanted to make her some boiled eggs and I put the water in and 3 eggs. Next thing you know I smelled something burning and my mom woke up and asked me what is burning.  I of course, said, “Nothing.”  Omg.. the water had dissipated and the eggs where burning in there shell and when I took the lid off the pot the eggs popped out of the pot all over the kitchen.  OMG…… I learned pretty quickly not to ever let that happen again.  Silly me….

For those cooks that are just as silly as me, I have so many great ideas and easy recipes for you for Spanish food recipes, Indian food recipes and Fiji food recipes.

Send me some comments on what you guys would like out there in cyber space.

See you really soon and we will prepare some Spanish food recipes, Indian food recipes, and Fiji food recipes.

Ramon & Salendra

Ramon and Salendra







spanish food recipes, indian food recipes, fiji food recipes