Who would have guessed that someone someday would go to the South Pacific Beautiful Islands of Fiji and bottle their water!

Fiji Water

As a child I have been to the rainforest where this beautiful artesian water comes from.  As an adult, I have been to the plant where the water is actually bottled up.  Now when I went it was a small little building, now it’s a huge building because there is so much demand for this clean and refreshing beverage.  As the logo says “untouched by man”, the logo holds up to their words.

Here is a little about Fiji water and why you should give it a try.  As you know this water appears all over movies and shows for TV.  When it first came out, the show “Friends” always would have Fiji water during their episodes.  Now if anything is good for “Friends”, you know it’s pretty good natural stuff!

Friends Fiji Water

So what is the process:

“It all begins with a cloud high above Fiji, over 1600 miles from the nearest continent tropical rain falls purified by equatorial trade winds, in a pristine rain forest surrounded by ancient, dormant volcanoes.  The water is slowly filtered by volcanic rock it gathers minerals and electrolytes that create Fiji’s soft, smooth taste.  The water is collecting in a natural artesian aquifer, protected and preserved from external elements until you unscrew the cap.  Fiji is Earth’s finest water bottled at the source, untouched by man.”  http://www.fijiwater.com/the-water/

So next time you are thirsty for water, go to your nearest store and search out Fiji  water and try it for yourself.  You will love the crisp, refreshing taste and you will want more.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope I helped you understand why Fiji Water is so different from other waters out there.